Be Safe With Your Cookware

With a global economy it isn’t always easy to find products that are safely produced. These days it seems like a story pops up once a week of things being recalled because of high mercury content and lead based paints. SO it’s best for you and your family to choose wisely when buying pots and pans.
Here is a list of the safest cookware brands available on the market today.
The ten piece cookware set from GreenPan are Thermolon coated nonstick pans. This means they won’t break down and get into your family’s food.
Next up is the Calphalon thirteen piece cooking set. It comes with several different sized pots and pans and crafted from a hard anodized aluminum. Since these have all been sealed thee is no fear of aluminum salts getting into your food.
Last we have the Ecolution nonstick pans. Instead of using some sort of solvent, these are made without PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and guaranteed to heat evenly and safely.